Trunk Calls, Art Exhibition 2010


perform on the opening night of

Trunk Calls Exhibition

The Gallery, London College of Communication

Trunk Calls is sounding out from the London College of Communication in Elephant and Castle, at the centre of the area and culture that informed and influenced the works presented.  Whether responding to the physical space around Elephant and Castle or exploring disparate themes within sound art practice, these works offer particular points of thematic intersection; akin to a network of telephone lines, both connective and divergent.

Trunk Calls first presents a sonic mapping of Elephant and Castle through a series of aural investigations. Each work explores its own avenues of sound art practice and research, collectively creating a fragmented and expressive sonic cartography. The works explore the area’s forgotten histories as well as its contemporary everyday places, these sites becoming the starting points for investigations into the possibilities of sound-in and sound-about space.

Trunk Calls also explores a variety of themes in sound art practice, incorporating experiments, performances and audio-visual works. These works and works-in-progress explore questions of subjectivity, authorship, technicality and the origins and understandings of sound, representing starting points in a rigorous process of practice-based research.

Trunk Calls connects audiences to these ongoing conversations within the Sound Art MA cohort, and is an opportunity to listen in…we’re just putting you through now.

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