Big Chill Festival 2010


at the



Ten players performed for 12 hours a day, for three days, resulting in 36hours of continuous sound.

The sounds created by the group were only accessible through 20 sets of headphones, drawing the audience into a ‘secret’ sonoral world.

It featured up to ten players at a time on a range of instruments, including electric guitar, stylophone, laptop, contact mic, percussion, wok, voice and bird-call.

Our performances incorporate members working solo, in small ensembles and as a whole group, and include improvisation, performance art, conceptual actions, field recordings and the odd song or two.

One of our most popular sound events was Request Hour. For Request Hour we simply played any song the audience wanted to hear, whether we know it or not. Each request lasts for a minute before continuing on with the next one. At the Big Chill recently we routinely managed 40 or so requests an hour

Links –

For photgraphs see The Silent Awkwedstra facebook

The Silent Awkwardstra were hosted by Swap Meet;
A nod to the Roadium swap meets in 80’s LA where DJs traded mixtapes. Swap Meet, invites established and emerging artists from broad disciplines – hip-hop to sonic arts, DIY to classically trained – to share, swap and collaborate with each other.

Links –

Swap Meet Facebook
Swap Meet at the Barbican

The Silent Awkwardstra - Big Chill 2010

The Silent Awkwardstra - Big Chill 2010


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